Dictionary & Abbreviations

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Abbreviation Term Definition
a anno (latin) year
a.a. ad acta (latin) to the record
abs. absens (latin) absent
abs. absolvera (to) absolve
a.d. anno domini (latin) in the year of the Lord
adm. admitterad confirmed
afg. afgång decease, depart to, departure
afl. afliden (to) expire, die
afsk. afskedade discharged, resigned
a.n. ante nuptius (latin) illegitimate, birth before marriage
anm. anmärkning remark, annotation
arb. arbetare worker, laborer
arb.bet. arbetsbetyg work permit
arrend. arrendator tenant farmer, leaseholder
afskr. afskrift transcript

Swedish Word Definition
afvittring assignment (of an inheritance)
afliden, avliden deceased
agnatus (latin) relationship through male line
agricola (latin) farmer
allmoge peasantry, country people
amma wet nurse
arbetare worker, laborer
arbetskarl laborer, journeyman
arf, arv inheritance, patrimony
arkiv office of records, archives
arfvinge, arvinge heir
arfskifte, avrskifte distribution of inheritance
attest certificate, testimony, attestation